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Australia has been a key location for global drug development for decades and  has a great track record for delivering high-quality data and for being a reliable contributor in global clinical trials. 

Australia has a rigorous ethical and regulatory system in which to conduct clinical trials. We also offer a strong pool of experienced and talented clinical research professionals who understand the needs of global clinical teams working to tight deadlines and high-quality standards. The expertise within Veracity Clinical Research allows for early phase and complex clinical trials to be undertaken, as well as offering the potential to leverage translational medicine expertise to add value to global drug development programs. At Veracity, studies have been conducted in all phases, including Phase 1 trials in the paediatric populations. 


Our Principal Investigator has been enthusiastically involved in dermatology research pursuits for over 30 years. 


Our clinical trial infrastructure allows a trial to be established very quickly. Features such as the single ethical review process, the expertise of the ethics review committees and the standard contracts all work together to make setting up and commencing a trial straightforward, efficient and prompt. We have an excellent patient pool and strive to not only meet but exceed recruitment targets for all our trials. 


Staff at Veracity Clinical Research are trained in GCP guidelines, PASI and SCORAD assessments, and are regularly upskilled in clinical assessment criteria. We routinely do ECGs through Quintiles and ERT, pathology collection including international shipping of specimens (IATA), internet electronic records, are familiar with most IVRS and IWX systems, ECRF's including iMedidata, Inform and Oracle RDC and Canfield photography. 


Our Clinical trials are recognised internationally, with Veracity Clinical Research collaborating with companies in Canada, United States of America, Japan and Europe.  We liaise with local pathology laboratories, radiology practices and histopathology organisations, along with affiliated organisations to maximise efficiency and meet the requirements of multi-disciplinary studies. 





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